I describe myself as an outdoorsman, I love to go camping in the lakes with my partner & explore/travel new places learning culture such as Asia, I love festivals and having fun, but most of all I love galaxy chocolate (especially minstrels). If I was to describe myself it would definitely be a people person, I gel with anyone and love to make people laugh, smile and cry (only the happy tears!!!) In the past, my couples have described me as having a calming presence when the nerves are setting in especially for brides.

I have been a photographer for the last 8+ years and have lost count the number of shoots and collaborations I've shot. The areas I have covered are commercial, fashion and weddings. I now mainly photograph weddings and as you know with travelling (I LOVE IT). My coverage isn't limited I travel all over the UK and have expanded to overseas shooting next year in Croatia and Italy.



 I have made a decision and have achieved the goal to GO GREEN as a business and become climate positive from 2020 as I am very passionate about saving the world and making an impact as an individual. So I subscribe to a monthly fee which keeps 50 trees planted each month which in return reduces a huge 2.5T of Co2 each month.

The REASON for telling you this is because as a photographer each and every couple that BOOKS ME to photograph or film their wedding.  I donate a grove of 250 trees each time. I help you, you help me.... we help the world. GO GREEN! Click here to check out the profile where all the goodness happens.

Being so passionate about what I create for my couples is a must! As an AIM I promised my self that I would invest in myself with current knowledge, education and skillset so that in turn I can give this to my couples through the remarkable end product that engaged couples to come to me for my creativity and skill in photographs. I want my couples to know that I'm investing in me so I can invest in them on their wedding journey. Check out one of the incredible association I learn from here's my profile.

I have one word to explain Adam - Amazing!! His creativity and style are amazing, our wedding pictures are outstanding. Adam is a very professional, patient and 100% incredible photographer! Book him now and you will not be disappointed!!

Lynne + Claire - Hemswell Court, Lincolnshire

Wedding Photographer & Videographer since 2012.
Currently published in over 5 national newspapers & multiple wedding magazines. My work has been documented showing a creative & unique style.